Sunday, 16 June 2019

Protect - Endangered Species Collection by The Mountain®

We love animals and protecting endangered animals is a no brainer. One way we do this is by selling t-shirts, mugs and giftware from the Protect Collection by The Mountain® that have powerful images and messages. Part of the proceeds from each sale goes to organizations that are doing everything possible to save these animals.

The Mountain® donates part of each sale to African Wildlife Foundation, Panthera, Whale and Dolphin Conservation, Sea Turtle Conservancy, Polar Bears International, Honeybee Conservancy and Pandas International.

You'll find beautiful t-shirts and Tam's that have matching mugs, hats, totebags for your favourite endangered animal.

Each powerful image is set against either a black or white background for impact. The messages are clear and by purchasing and wearing something from the Protect collection you're helping to raise awareness to the plight of endangered animals.

Visit the links below for more information on the conservation efforts by these organizations.

African Wildlife Foundation -
Panthera -
Whale and Dolphin Conservation -
Sea Turtle Conservancy -
Polar Bears International -
Honeybee Conservancy -
​​​​​​​Pandas International -

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