Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Dragons, Fairies, & New T-shirt designs by The Mountain®

The Sentinel 10-4122 Dragon T-shirt

The Mountain® are very good at what they do, and that is undoubtedly t-shirts. People won't often come across t-shirts with designs so incredibly vivid that aren't simply ironed on. These amazing new designs for autumn should really be called Myth & Legend because you'll find some brand new dragon designs as well as a Kraken by Jerry LoFaro simply called "Unleashed" and some new fairy t-shirts as well.  The amazing artwork is dyed into the fabric for long lasting wear.

Unleashed - Kraken T-shirt 10-4116
Spirit Companions Fairy T-shirt 10-4184
These are just a small sampling of all the new designs available this autumn at Tam's Treasures. We've got these and more along with Hoodies coming soon. Check them out!