Tuesday, 6 January 2009

New Years Resolutions

It's hard to believe another year has gone and we're 9 years into the Millenium. With New Year's resolutions at hand we continue to stick to our goal of running and living a "green" business and home life.

Going green doesn't necessarily mean giving up some of life's luxuries. People use the excuse "sending an email is better for the environment" than sending letter or cards. However; our greeting cards are perfect for those who want to stick to their resolution but at the same time be a bit more personal than sending a quick email.

Our tree free greeting cards by Tree Free produce amazing blank greeting cards that are 100% tree free (hence the name). These cards are made using sustainable resources such as the kenaf plant. Kenaf grows quickly and by purchasing these cards you also support kenaf farmers.

As well as kenaf, Tree Free also use sugar cane bagasse known as Sweet Paper. This is the pulp left over over and like the kenaf requires no bleaching. Traditional paper requires bleaching which uses a lot of energy as well as chemicals that are harmful to the earth.

In addition to the earth-friendly paper Tree Free also uses soy based inks to create the beautiful images on these amazing cards.

Tree Free uses the licensed artwork of today's renowned artists and customers who may not normally be able to afford the artwork itself can have a quality reproduction on a greeting card that can be framed.

We highlight our Angel Greeting Cards this month as they are symbolic of peace, tranquility, and comfort. With so much stress and economical instability recipients will find these beautiful cards a thoughtful and warm touch.

So if going green is part of your New Year's Resolution make Tree Free Greeting Cards a part of it. Going green doesn't have to be the only reason for giving these cards, showing thoughtfulness to those you care about is a nice resolution too. Emails are fine for day to day, but greeting cards are a bit special.