Thursday, 12 September 2013

It's Nearly Autumn

Autumn is quickly approaching and we've got a selection of t-shirts that will look great in your wardrobe this fall.  Whether you're into wildlife like our Autumn Encounter wolf t-shirt or an avid fantasy collector with our Fairy Forest Meadow T-shirt.
Fairy Forest Meadow 10-1380

These t-shirts as well as all of our over 600 designs look great when layered with long sleeve shirts or jackets. Give your wardrobe a fun and funky makeover with a Mountain® T-shirt from Tam's Treasures Online.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Come on spring! We want flowers, butterflies and unicorns!

We're now into the first week of April and it still feels like January. This morning here in Suffolk we've woken up to grey skies and snow flurries. So here I sit working on our website and in particular the unicorn t-shirts section and there's beautiful images of flowers, butterflies and of course unicorns. If these epic t-shirts by The Mountain with their screen printed fantasy images won't get you in the mood for spring, nothing will!

If unicorns aren't your thing but you're still needing some spring time inspiration then check out some of our beautiful bird t-shirts.  Some of them like the Hummingbird will instantly make you think of warm, sunshine filled spring days.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Zombies are here!

Zombie T-shirts by The Mountain®

Watch out the Zombies are here! Tam's Treasures has a collection of frightful  horror t-shirts featuring the walking dead. These 100% cotton horror tees feature flesh eating zombies with all their gruesome appeal. With the popularity of The Walking Dead television series it's no wonder these tees are a hit. All prices include UK delivery and customers can earn Loyalty Points on every purchase.

If Zombies aren't your thing, check out our Mountain t-shirts with over 600 epic designs to choose from!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Can you find the hidden images?

The Mountain® are always pushing the envelope when it comes to their t-shirt designs. Last summer they introduced the "Find It" range of t-shirts featuring the artwork of Steven Michael Gardner. Now in 2013 they have brought out even more designs ranging from Unicorns to Whales and Pandas.

So what are Find It T-shirts?  A beautiful screen printed image of your favourite wildlife animal with hidden images of that particular animal inside the image. Some designs have 9 hidden animals, while others have up to 15 hidden animals.

Each Find It t-shirt comes with a sticker explaining the hidden art.

This t-shirt is called Find 12 Tigers. Can you find them all ?