Friday, 16 November 2012

Big Face T-shirts are cool but don't forget the other designs

The Mountain® first brought out their Big Face Animals T-shirts in 2011 and they were such a hit, that in 2012 they brought out more designs and non-animal faces like the Zombie. So no longer was it just Big Face  Animals but Big Face T-shirts in general.

While the Big Face t-shirt seems to be 2012's fashion craze and if you're not buying them you're most likely selling them; you might be missing out on some of The Mountain's iconic designs like Three Wolf Moon & their fantasy t-shirt range of dragons and fairies. The Mountain® produce well over 800 designs ranging from animals to fantasy and dark fantasy.

So don't let yourself get totally blinded by the furry cuteness of a Pig Face T-shirt, and check out some of the  designs that put The Mountain® t-shirts on the map in the first place.

You'll see websites & shops popping up all over the place selling The Mountain® t-shirts thanks to the latest fashion craze, but we've been selling them in the UK for years and customer service has always been a priority.

10% discounts aren't new for us, or just us getting on the band wagon. We've been offering them to our loyal customers and fans for years. Our facebook & twitter fans have been rewarded with a discount code since January and our new system update in August meant that long anticipated Loyalty Points system was finally released.

Just to make it easier for our customers to shop we included the postage within the prices for our UK customers so they know exactly what they're paying up front.  For our international customers we reduced the postage price to reflect this. All international orders are sent tracked and signed for so customers have peace of mind.

So if you're looking to purchase one of The Mountain® T-shirts check out