Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Earth-friendly Giftware

Global warming, and environmental issues have been around for years however; it wasn't until recently that retailers have decided to join the bandwagon and start selling earth-friendly products and giftware.

Whilst I'm pleased that people are becoming more aware of the earth's plight and the need to source environmentally acceptable merchandise, I can't help but think a lot of retailers are just about the profit margins.

When we started selling The Mountain t-shirts, Tree Free Greetings and giftware we made a conscious plan to make sure the products we were selling had little impact on the enviroment and left low carbon footprints.

It's not just about profit for us, it's about showing consumers that earth-friendly giftware doesn't have to be dull, uninspiring gifts recycled from old tyres, plastic and newspaper.

Tree Free greetings produce gift bags, greeting cards and note cards from sugar cane bygasse, sustainable kenaf crops, and fast growing bamboo. Not only are these resources sustainable but the soy based inks they use produce a colour and quality to the prints that match the quality of any top laser printer on the market.

The recycled steel decorative tins that come with Tree Free's earth-friendly note cards is reusable after the cards are gone. The patented window lid doubles as a photo frame and trinket box.

The Mountain t-shirts come in a variety of designs including Native American, Tiger, Wolf, Fairy and Fantasy and those are just a sample of the 500 plus designs available.

The Mountain use 100% cotton (organic when possible) t-shirts and hand-dye them with water based inks. The Mountain products are also Oekotex 100% certified (the highest qualification worldwide). This guarantees their shirts are free of chemicals harmful to your body.

The ethics behind these two companies show their commitment to the enviroment as well as to their employees, the community and the consumer. From start to finish with the manufacturing of these products all platforms are considered. It makes us proud to sell their products and deal with these amazing people.