Thursday, 9 July 2015

Dean Russo Pet Rescue Designs

Have Pittie T-shirt
If you haven't heard of Dean Russo let us introduce him. He's a New York artist that specializes in pop art with a twist. His amazing artwork features animals predominately Pit Bulls and rescued dogs. You may be surprised to know most of his art is inspired by actual animals and you can truly see it in their expressive eyes.

The Mountain® that make these wonderful t-shirts are always finding the most talented artists today to feature their artwork on their apparel. All of your favourite artwork can be found on t-shirts, hoodies, tank tops, mini dresses, long sleeve shirts and ladies fit shirts.

Dean Russo's latest collection is the Rescue Collection which combines his love of animals with an important message to adopt a pet and to show love and compassion to these amazing animals.  Any Pit Bull owner will tell you that these dogs provide unconditional love and bring happiness to their adopted families. No greater joy can there be then being on the receiving end of a much loved doggy lick. Take a look at our latest addition of Dean Russo designs at Tam's Treasures where you will find adult and children's sizes.