Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Three Wolf Moon T-shirt

Three wolf moon t-shirt has become an internet success. Now if you google this t-shirt manfactured by The Mountain you'll find hundreds of pages, blogs, news articles about this viral phenomenon.

Tam's Treasures has been successfully selling Three Wolf Moon for a while now, and it came as a sudden surprise when our own sales sky rocketed on this particular design. After the second or third order in a row we assumed it was a coincidence, but when we had ten in a row we knew there was something special going on.

Reviews and spoof videos have branded this design somewhat of a tacky, white trash kind of design. However; art and wolf enthusiasts can appreciate Antonia Neshev the artist's detail in this beautiful image.

There's no getting around the fact this t-shirt is high quality. It's not your average t-shirt where the image is ironed on or heat pressed on. The dying press is unique and it allows the image to last for many years to come.

In addition the manufacturer's environmental ethos is something that adds to the appeal of this remarkable t-shirt.

We carry all The Mountain T-shirts ranging from wolves to fairy and fantasy. With designs and sizes to fit most of the family they are ideal for gifts and collecting.

Tam's Treasures offers 10% loyalty discounts, free delivery over UK orders of £100. We also offer a free t-shirt if you're a previous customer of ours, who is willing to send a picture we can display on our site of you wearing a Mountain t-shirt.

Whether you're looking to purchase the Three Wolf Moon T-shirt or any other t-shirt visit

Friday, 8 May 2009

New Website

In the past 24 hours we've had a new website design uploaded at . Hope you all like it! We sure do. There's some new features like the new drop down side menu. We're hoping customers will find it easier to find categories and products.
There's still more to be done - the home page will show featured products, new items added and special deals. We also have to go through each product page and tweak some of the text fonts as they've all seemed to have gone a bit wonky. So patience please there's a lot of pages to change!