Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Glow In The Dark T-shirts by Skulbone

Skulbone t-shirts are a sub-division of the popular t-shirt company The Mountain. The same company that manufacturers the internet phenomenon Three Wolf Moon T-shirt .

One of our most popular skulbone t-shirt is "Zombie And Ghosts" a glow in the dark t-shirt featuring the artwork of Vincent Hie. This design is two in one really. By day the t-shirt displays a haunted house with gravestones and zombies. By night the walking dead disappear and are replaced by glowing ghosts.

What sets this design apart from other glow in the dark t-shirts is the fact that it's not your typical ironed on design that flakes off after a few washes. As with all The Mountain and Skulbone T-shirts their unique dying process strips out the colour from the t-shirt and then re-dyes the colours back into the shirt. Which gives the end product a design that will not only last for 100's of washes, but also feels soft to the touch.

"Zombie and Ghosts" isn't the only popular glow in the dark design. We also carry "Feast" and "Pale Horse" .