Wednesday, 19 February 2014

The Mountain® Do Spiritual

The Mountain® are famous for doing animal related t-shirts very well. And 2014 they brought out their new Spiritual Collection, which look to be just as popular! The same mottle tie-dyed shirts, but with a spiritual theme. Designs will suit whatever your spiritual preference whether it be Buddhist, Christianity or somewhere in between.

The Mountain® t-shirts are perfect for wearing to the gym, meditating or doing yoga. The relaxed loose fit allows for the wearer to comfortably move in a range of motions. For those of us who like to cover up and hide some lumps and bumps the fit on these are perfect for that as well! 

Spiritual designs as well as over 800 other epic designs can be found on our website. Just visit    

Reasons to purchase from Tam's?  - FREE UK DELIVERY, Earn loyalty Points & £10 off orders over £100 are just a few reasons.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Why buy The Mountain® brand t-shirt?

Ever since Three Wolf Moon T-shirt went viral the brand The Mountain® has become a massive hit in the world of t-shirts. With over 800 designs available in adult and children's sizes
there is literally a design for everyone. Whether it's wildlife, dogs, cats or if you're into dragons and fairies, there is a design for you.  Remember the 3D effect Big Face™ designs that have become popular? That's The Mountain®

It's not just the fact The Mountain® are known as America's greenest t-shirt company that make these t-shirts worth buying. Yes, they use environmentally friendly techniques to manufacturer them, as well as give back to their community.   The fact is times are hard and people don't often have extra money to spend on luxuries and t-shirts can often fit into that category.

The Mountain® t-shirts are made to last. Reinforced double stitching is used on all the seams. The screen printed images are dyed into the fabric so the design lasts after many years of wash and wear.  The 100% ring spun cotton is high quality and made for comfort and durability. So while they may not be the cheapest t-shirts out there, they are designed to last years.

At Tam's Treasures we also know how tight money is, so we have many incentives in place so customer's throughout the UK and Europe will buy from us.  Our customers earn loyalty points on every order. That means for every £1 spent £0.05 is earned towards a future customer.

Many of our returning customers will purchase a t-shirt throughout the year for birthdays or special occasions, or just for themselves.  Saving their loyalty points which can be used towards purchases at Christmas.

Our prices also include UK First Class postage, so you know exactly how much you're paying right from the start.

Spend over £100 and we'll even take off £10 your order.