Friday, 16 November 2012

Big Face T-shirts are cool but don't forget the other designs

The Mountain® first brought out their Big Face Animals T-shirts in 2011 and they were such a hit, that in 2012 they brought out more designs and non-animal faces like the Zombie. So no longer was it just Big Face  Animals but Big Face T-shirts in general.

While the Big Face t-shirt seems to be 2012's fashion craze and if you're not buying them you're most likely selling them; you might be missing out on some of The Mountain's iconic designs like Three Wolf Moon & their fantasy t-shirt range of dragons and fairies. The Mountain® produce well over 800 designs ranging from animals to fantasy and dark fantasy.

So don't let yourself get totally blinded by the furry cuteness of a Pig Face T-shirt, and check out some of the  designs that put The Mountain® t-shirts on the map in the first place.

You'll see websites & shops popping up all over the place selling The Mountain® t-shirts thanks to the latest fashion craze, but we've been selling them in the UK for years and customer service has always been a priority.

10% discounts aren't new for us, or just us getting on the band wagon. We've been offering them to our loyal customers and fans for years. Our facebook & twitter fans have been rewarded with a discount code since January and our new system update in August meant that long anticipated Loyalty Points system was finally released.

Just to make it easier for our customers to shop we included the postage within the prices for our UK customers so they know exactly what they're paying up front.  For our international customers we reduced the postage price to reflect this. All international orders are sent tracked and signed for so customers have peace of mind.

So if you're looking to purchase one of The Mountain® T-shirts check out

Monday, 1 October 2012

October Already!

Wow, it's hard to believe it's already October. Where did the summer go?

We've got some great products arriving this month that'll be sure to help take the chill out of dark chilly autumn mornings.

Our thermal travel mugs by Tree-Free Greetings were a hit last year, and we've got even more designs coming.

If you love the designs on our t-shirts you'll equally love the same vivid images on Tree-Free's ceramic coffee mugs.  Nice mug to hold your favourite cuppa.

If you're not into hot drinks, that's ok too. Tree-Free Greetings has also brought out the new cool cup and straw which can be used over and over again.

If these new products aren't enough to tempt you to shop with us how about these reasons.

  • Customer Loyalty Points - earn 1 point for every pound you spend. Each point is worth 5p!
  • 10% discount if you're a follower on our Facebook or Twitter page
  • Prices are inclusive of UK postage, so what you see is what you pay! New lower postage for our international customers.
  • Customers are king, we bend over backwards to make sure our customers are happy.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Popular Pug Face T-shirt

 Pug Face T-shirts by The Mountain®

New for 2012 is the Pug Face T-shirt and it was an instant hit when it was first brought out earlier this year.

June saw Pug Face as the top seller and with UK Celeb Jodie Marsh tweeting a picture of herself wearing one of our tees and OK Magazine picking it up, it looks like Pug Face will be the best seller for July too!  Thanks for the tweets Jodie!!

Don't worry if you don't have a pug, we carry other dog breed designs too!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Happy 4th of July

Not so much a blog this month but displaying one of our patriotic t-shirts by The Mountain® as it's the 4th of July. Thinking about all my family & friends back home in New York & South Carolina. Please send some sunshine to England!!

Eagle Flag T-shirt 10-1000

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Pet Urns by Angelstar®

Pet owners know their beloved furry friends are like family. They show us unconditional love, and if we're lucky give us many years of happy memories. It's a very sad event when our pet dies and these pet urns by Angelstar® make a lovely tribute to that special member of your family.

These high quality polystone urns are suitable for outdoor use and contain cavities that are accessible from the bottom that can be used as traditional urns or to hold keepsakes. Some of the urn designs have a photo area so you can add a picture of your cherished pet.

Designs range from rocks that will look lovely in a flower bed, or boxes that can be placed on a shelf inside your home. Angelstar® produce quality memorial gifts so your pet can be beautifully remembered.

Monday, 21 May 2012

When Imitation Isn't Flattery

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but in some cases, especially on the internet it's not always the case. With the world-wide web accessible in most countries, there's bound to be unscrupulous people willing to steal your hard work. We face it quite often with our site.

People setting up websites thinking it's an easy, quick way to make money, and frankly too lazy to do their own work. I've lost track at the number of times I've seen someone come along and copy and paste product descriptions in minutes, that I've spent hours working on.

The Mountain® came across another despicable imitation by an Indian website selling knock-off Mountain® t-shirts. While we're only a supplier and not the manufacturer of these wonderful t-shirts, it's still frustrating and does make me angry to see this going on.  I won't give the website the satisfaction of a free link to their site by giving you a link to it here. However; I will say be very careful who you purchase The Mountain® t-shirts from.

It's not only The Mountain® that suffers from these poor quality imitations, it's the artists who get royalties for their amazing designs, the customers who purchase in good faith getting t-shirts fit for dust rags. It's also affects  the genuine retailers who sell them, as it makes customers weary of purchasing them online.

There's a few ways you can check to be sure you're getting a real Mountain® t-shirt,  first before you place an order do a little homework. It's always best to check out the site you're looking to purchase from.  Do they have contact details, including a phone number you can get a hold of them on? Check the age of the website, this can be done by doing a search for domain age checker tools online.  Do a search on the website's address and see how many other sites are linking back to them. If it's an established site there should be quite a few links back to them. If you still worry then contact the Mountain® themselves and ask if the site you're looking to purchase from is a genuine reseller.

Here's a picture showing the poor quality knock-off, would you be happy receiving this?

There's many websites out there selling The Mountain® t-shirts and most of the legitimate sites will use the stock photos The Mountain® provides for their retailers. These will include The Mountain® logo on the bottom right of the t-shirt. In the case of the above photos you can see they have removed them from the stock photo on the top left and replaced the tag with their own.

Summer is nearly here and it's t-shirt weather, so be sure to buy your shirts from a reputable seller. Ask questions if you need to, and if you're buying from us we only sell authentic products! 

Sunday, 29 April 2012

 Fiore d’Oriente Incense

It's been a cold, wet Sunday and I'm sitting here burning incense while working on the website. Which is why I decided to have a second blog about this wonderful, unique incense.

I've always loved burning candles and incense but I'm also pretty picky about what I burn myself. I don't like scents that smell overly of perfume.  Fiore d'Oriente incense sticks are all natural and smell amazing.

Fiore d'Oriente is an Italian company that founded a partnership with a group of families in India that make traditional incense. They use raw materials such as honey, incense oils, spices and rare wood powders. 

The traditional practice of making the incense is over 400 years old and takes about 3 weeks to create.  The burn time is about 65 to 80 minutes however; our supplier burned and timed one at 1 hour and 9 minutes. That's quite a bit longer than regular incense sticks

Many companies selling incense are able to sell them cheaply because they use synthetic fragrances and petro-chemicals which reduce their product costs. So while they're cheaper and may smell nice they can't possibly be great for your home environment.  Which is why I love Fiore d'Oriente they're all natural.

Our Fiore d'Oriente incense sticks come in beautiful packaging including angels, fairies, chakras and reiki making them suitable for anyone. You'll find these wonderful incense sticks on our website with Free UK delivery.

Big Face Animals T-shirts

Frog Head T-shirt
Green Eyes Face T-shirt
Hippo Head T-shirt

The dog face t-shirts were brought out in 2011 and proved to be popular and in 2012 The Mountain® has threw in the gauntlet with more Big Face Animals T-shirts. Cats, more dog breeds, frogs, bears, hippos are just some of the designs which have a 3D look. These amazing t-shirts even featured in the UK's newspaper The Sun back in September.

If you haven't tried a Mountain T-shirt, they're 100% cotton, hand-dyed using water based inks. The images are screen printed using a special technique that draws the colours and images out of the dye. They won't crack or fade so they'll still look good for years.  Starting at just £17.99 these Big Animals Face T-shirts at Tam's Treasures Online can be shipped anywhere in the world!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Dinosaur T-shirts

We have 5 new dinosaur t-shirts by The Mountain® to roar about. Latest to the collection is T-Rex Tearing. The name of the t-shirt says it all really. What a statement wearing this t-shirt would make!

We also have Nas T-Rex, T-Rex Face to top off the T-Rex designs. If you like pre-historic beasts like the Woolly Mammoth or the Sabertooth Tiger you'll like the new t-shirts featuring both of them!

Our children's dinosaur t-shirts have always been popular but we were constantly hearing we need more adult sizes. Now there's 9 amazing designs to choose from!  Which one is your favourite?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Pillars of Faith Angel Figurines by Angelstar®

Our latest collection of angels feature an angel leaning, sitting or kneeling beside a pillar with carved messages of faith. A reminder that faith is the pillar that always supports us.

Four beautiful designs to choose from. The perfect gift for someone collecting high quality angels, or a special occasion. 

Click here to view our collection of Pillars of Faith figurines 

Monday, 30 January 2012

The Mountain® 2012 T-shirt designs

The Mountain® 2012 t-shirt  designs are coming here! We've been adding them to the website as they are being printed by The Mountain®.

Big face t-shirts were huge in 2011 and 2012 will prove to be just as big with all their new cat & dog 3D designs.

Just added today was the "Emperor Penguins" t-shirt. We love the adorable penguins and we're sure you will too!

For those customers that loved the Evolution and long sleeve t-shirts you'll notice they have gone. The Mountain® have discontinued these and now are focusing on their classic t-shirts. Don't worry though the popular images have been brought back on the classic t-shirts.

Spring is around the corner so have a look and start ordering for t-shirt weather!