Saturday, 9 January 2016

Artist Spotlight Tom Wood

Scourge Dragon Hoodie available at Tam's Treasures
Happy New Year! We're sorry for being a bit late with our first blog of the year. As it is with every new year The Mountain® have brought out over 100 exciting new t-shirt designs. To start off our New Year with a bang we're highlighting t-shirts featuring the artwork of Tom Wood.

Tom Wood is a fantasy artist illustrator who has worked with big names like Warner Bros, Disney,  Reebok just to name a few. His realistic artwork will transform you to another fantastical world. New designs include a fiery tiger and a mythical mermaid, dragons and more. You can check out all the amazing new designs by Tom Wood here.

Tom lives with his wife and daughter in Arkansas, USA. To view more of his amazing artwork visit his own website

Mermaid Hunt T-shirt available at Tam's Treasures