Sunday, 29 April 2012

 Fiore d’Oriente Incense

It's been a cold, wet Sunday and I'm sitting here burning incense while working on the website. Which is why I decided to have a second blog about this wonderful, unique incense.

I've always loved burning candles and incense but I'm also pretty picky about what I burn myself. I don't like scents that smell overly of perfume.  Fiore d'Oriente incense sticks are all natural and smell amazing.

Fiore d'Oriente is an Italian company that founded a partnership with a group of families in India that make traditional incense. They use raw materials such as honey, incense oils, spices and rare wood powders. 

The traditional practice of making the incense is over 400 years old and takes about 3 weeks to create.  The burn time is about 65 to 80 minutes however; our supplier burned and timed one at 1 hour and 9 minutes. That's quite a bit longer than regular incense sticks

Many companies selling incense are able to sell them cheaply because they use synthetic fragrances and petro-chemicals which reduce their product costs. So while they're cheaper and may smell nice they can't possibly be great for your home environment.  Which is why I love Fiore d'Oriente they're all natural.

Our Fiore d'Oriente incense sticks come in beautiful packaging including angels, fairies, chakras and reiki making them suitable for anyone. You'll find these wonderful incense sticks on our website with Free UK delivery.

Big Face Animals T-shirts

Frog Head T-shirt
Green Eyes Face T-shirt
Hippo Head T-shirt

The dog face t-shirts were brought out in 2011 and proved to be popular and in 2012 The Mountain® has threw in the gauntlet with more Big Face Animals T-shirts. Cats, more dog breeds, frogs, bears, hippos are just some of the designs which have a 3D look. These amazing t-shirts even featured in the UK's newspaper The Sun back in September.

If you haven't tried a Mountain T-shirt, they're 100% cotton, hand-dyed using water based inks. The images are screen printed using a special technique that draws the colours and images out of the dye. They won't crack or fade so they'll still look good for years.  Starting at just £17.99 these Big Animals Face T-shirts at Tam's Treasures Online can be shipped anywhere in the world!