Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Into the Wild by Graeme Stevenson

Into The Wild is a collection of wildlife art by Australian artist Graeme Stevenson.  Born in New South Wales, Australia, Graeme Stevenson's passion for art began at an early age. He took his first art lessons at 11.

His artwork can be found on t-shirts, tote bags, mugs and hats by The Mountain® all available at Tam's Treasures.   His use of splashes of colour along side the portraits of animals give the images a new dimension that pop off the apparel.

Some of the t-shirt designs included Painted Cheetahs, Elephants, Wolves and Rhinos. The t-shirts are available in three colours: teal, black and grey.  These t-shirts are available in tri-blend which is a combination of 25% cotton, 25% rayon and 50% polyester giving these tees durable comfort.