Thursday, 16 March 2017

Best selling artist David Penfound

No doubt if you're familiar with the Big Face™ t-shirts that has dominated the internet for several years, you've seen the artwork of David Penfound.

UK artist David Penfound has collaborated with The Mountain® on some of the most iconic t-shirts they have produced.

Summoning the Storm was so popular it was even copied and stolen by a popular fashion designer (who will remain nameless) to sell on their own $1500 shirts.  Of course David's original is better and a lot cheaper!

From Big Face™ animals to fantasy and Native American designs, David has covered a whole plethora of subjects. His attention to detail give every piece a realistic and magical feel.

David doesn't just spin out art for the number of gift manufacturing companies that license his artwork.  He has worked doing digital art for tv and movies. Clearly talented we are just happy to carry some of his best selling designs on our t-shirts, hoodies and apparel.  Chances are if you have seen a unicorn, baby seal or alien you like it's one of David's.

Visit David Penfound's website to see all his artwork

Sealpup by David Penfound.
Red Mamba Snake by David Penfound.