Sunday, 19 June 2011


When I was younger I remember having a small cream leather covered journal with a little gold lock and key. I was so good about writing down all the events of my pre-adolescent days. Years later when I found it; it brought back a lot of memories ( and even gave me a few chuckles) recalling my many crushes and child-like handwriting.

Opening an old journal and smelling the aged pages, or seeing the tear stained writing when you've just broken up with a boy or lost a good friend; brings back a wave of memories. The little smudges of chinese that dripped on the page while you were writing in bed at midnight, or a pressed flower from your best friend just can't be found on an internet blog or online journal.

Our beautiful journals by Tree Free Greetings® have beautiful covers that appeal to a person's likes and personality. They're perfect for taking along on holiday, or writing in bed at night and as they're 99% earth-friendly they're pretty special too.