Thursday, 10 July 2014

Adult Dinosaur T-shirts

Adult Dinosaur T-shirts by The Mountain®

Kids love wearing dinosaur t-shirts, but we've found adults love them just as much!  We have a collection of dinosaur t-shirts for adults by The Mountain® that will have you roaring like a T-Rex!

The colours are bright and bold and the screen printed images are hyper-realistic. The 100% cotton t-shirts have a mottle tie-dyed background and the screen printed dinosaur graphics are dyed within the fabric. These aren't your typical dinosaur t-shirts that will crack and fade after a few washes, these will look great for years to come.

There are presently 15 prehistoric designs to choose from ranging from the might T-Rex to the largest dinosaur to walk the earth, the Brachiosaurus.  You'll also find the Triceratops, the Ultrasaurus and even the Sabertooth Tiger and Woolly Mammoth.